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Our main goal is To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Organic Products and Services.

In order to provide our customers with the best plant materials we have
enhanced our productive processes with innovations from different disciplines, such as biotechnology or information technologies. These production technologies—coupled with the sanitary and molecular control techniques for genetic control—are the pillars of a large-scale and top-quality production.

Our History

The company is established in 2008 and is the first private commercial tissue-culture laboratory in Bulgaria. The main focus of the company is micropropagation of virus-free fruit-tree rootstocks. In the recent years we have become the main supplier of VF rootstocks for the Bulgarian fruit-tree nurseries.
We are micropropagating also specially selected hybrids of the fastest growing tree – Paulownia as well as other important fruit plants (Blueberry, Blackberry… etc.). We can also make a contract micropropagation of a specific plant variety upon customers request. In 2011 the company established a tissueculture laboratory and greenhouses in Turkey.
It is now one of the leading rootstock producers there. The production facilities include:

The production facilities include:

0 m2
A tissue-culture laboratory
0 m2
2 Greenhouse area
0 m2
Nursery area

Our Mission

We have an excellent trained staff in a real production environment as well as a fully equipped tissue-culture laboratory which includes:

  • Media preparation room
  • Industrial autoclave room
  • Laminar rooms (cutting rooms) – the rooms are equipped with 14 laminar-flow working places and a capacity to expand to up to 50 working places.
  • Growth rooms with a total area of 200 m2
  • Good access to the laboratory for an easy shipping.

Advantages of a tissue-culture facility situated in Bulgaria:

  • Much lower labor cost compared to other Europe countries – lower cost of production.
  • The country is part of the EU – control and regulations are easier.
  • Low costs of investments – cheaper land and cheaper construction.

We supply top quality plants at the right time.

Our mission:

Efficient multiplication of plants based on innovation, quality and service to contribute towards agricultural development.

Our vision:

Be the largest global platform for production and sales of plants.

Our commitment to the company and society

We understand that business ethics, compliance with regulations, and respectful conduct with people and the environment in which we operate, are essential for a sustainable business growth.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

In much the same way , we know how to see the potential inside nature.
There is potential in each tree, in each plant, in each seed.
Our purpose is to improve that potential, make it a reality.
It’s something that we carry inside—in our nature.

We offer a micropropagation of specific varieties on a contract base. The laboratory can reach a capacity of up to 10 million exvitro plants per year which we can ship weekly or monthly.